Leasing a PistelliĀ“s Air Structure

Air Structure, efficient alternative for your business !

The air structure is an alternative very well used by the different segments in the different industries, between them: sugar industry, fertilizers, soy, bean, grains and all type of industries.
To lease an air structure a fast option for the lack of space in the company for the most diversified type of products.
The air structure is made with flexible composite of fibers and HTPES, HDPE, LDPE and PVC.
The air structure has an electric and diesel ventilation system with automatic starter in the case of the electricity cut.
The access to the air structure is throught the doors, with pre-chamber for the access of forklifts, trucks and trailers.
The air structure can be mounted in any type of ground and does not need foundations.
These air structure are mounted really fast and can be changed of location depending of the needs of each client.
As the air space is completely usable, the air structure can has differents sizes, adjusted to the needs of each client.
To rent an air structure is an important choice for the temporary storage of their products.