Air Supported Structure

Pistelli Air Supported Structure, versitile, saves money  and time!
Pistelli Air Supported Structure is a solution for temporary storage, or even for its permanent use, utilized for diferente kind of products in the diversifide markets in Brasil and also the world.
The rental of an air suported structure across time turns to be a relevant alternative for the diferent segments of the market such as the sugar Industry, fertilizers, soy vean, grains, and Industries in general, etc.
With a fast delivery, the air supported structure can stay mounted for the time that you wanted, and in volumen of storage the air supported structure can reach 100% of utility, depending in the use that is going to have.
The client is the one that gives Pistelli the dimensions such as long and wide of the air supported structure to be installed considering the disponibility of mesures.
The air supported structure permits the transit of fork-lifts, trucks and trailers. This type of air supported structure has a back-up in case of electricity force cut apart from permanent technical assistance.
Across many years the rental of a Pistelli air supported structure becomes an important alied in solving the storage assuring quality and speed.