Inflatable Structure for Events

The air dome has a futuristic look, mainly by the distinctive style that a personalized design of an air-supported structure can provides for your event. Along these lines, we can talk about the experience with the Mercedes-Benz Road Show, one of the major projects in the area of events, already developed by Pistelli Pelz over its 30 years of innovative developments. The Road Show was to launch a new line of Mercedes-Benz trucks and buses in São Paulo, by Rocha Azevedo. They chose a pneumatic structure developed by Pistelli. The project was carried out with an air structure cells united in between them by hoses human tall height, measuring 2,000 square meters, interconnected with six other structures with circular bases measuring 200 square meters each one. The event, called "Um Show de Tecnologia" (A Technology Show), was awarded with the top prize in the Booths Category at the 17th, Promoção Brasil 97/98, Columnist Award.