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Rental of Roofing Solutions

Logistics, Industry, Operations, Storage, Works, Sports.

Galpão Inflável.jpg




Inflatable Shed, or DVF (Flexible Ventilated Dome), Pistelli trademark, brings total efficiency in coverage.


Protecting the place covered from rain and other types of adversity, it enables logistical solutions and works.  It has quick assembly and great height, providing a solution for works and greater volume capacity.

inflatable shed

canvas shed

canvas shed

Coated with resistant and durable material, the Pistelli canvas shed offers quality, protection and safety.

A more conventional model, the canvas shed has a metallic structure in its extension and free spans.







The tensioned Pistelli are structures made of high-resistance canvas, individually designed, bringing flexibility, protection and safety, with an aesthetic differentiated by its architectural structure.

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